Procurements With SaxmanOne, An ANC 8(a), Can Accelerate The Contracting Process Down To 15 To 30 Days.


Sole Source
8(a) firms owned by tribes and ANCs may receive sole source contracts regardless of dollar amount.
Regulation 13 CFR 124.506(b)

Sole source procurements to tribes and ANC 8(a)s may not be protested, because there is no injured party.
Regulation 13 CFR 124.517(a)

Two-Year Waived
The SBA is allowed to waive the two-year-in-business rule for tribal and ANC-owned firms.
Regulation 13 CFR124.112.(c)(6) 


Benefits of Contracting With SaxmanOne


Sole Source or Direct Award
No Dollar Amount – contract can exceed 8(a) dollar thresholds for services/ manufacturing
Non-Protestable – contracts that are direct awarded cannot be protested
Expedite Contract Awards and Critical Projects
Faster Solution Implementation
Exceptional Quality at Lower Cost


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